Sunday, 29 June 2008

Bold as brass?

I went to a real life auction last week and bid on a mixed lot of brass. I particularly wanted the chestnut roaster as we have an open fire and had to improvise with a frying pan last year when my son bought chestnuts!

I'm gradually working out what to do with the other items, some will go to ebay but others are destined to be upcycled.

So far I have a few pots of flowers which used to be ashtrays!

I have 5 or 6 similar mystery items. They clearly are a set, and have a wrong and right side. They look as if they're intended to have something threaded through them (right hand pic) yet they also have a place to attach a "something" on the right side (left hand pic)
Anyone know what they are? They're around 3" in diameter, and around an inch deep, rising to a point. At the moment I see them as miniature hanging baskets!
Just realised I forgot to mention what I paid...£5!!! ($10)


Laura de Argentina said...

nice blog, i think i saw your nickname somewhere else.... crochetville perhaps? i was just surfing blogs,... see you!!!
PS: i think the mistery items are buttons from a military uniform or something

Anonymous said...

those would be pretty big buttons
they look like kitchenware to me, but they're probably from a garage LOL
let me know when u find out.
did yoou findthe name of the singer ?
if it was "blower's daughter" you were listening to it's Damien Rice
thanx for stopping by I'm adding your link.

Heather Leavers said...

Actually I'm wondering if they're from a horse's harness, maybe the straps thread through? Way too big for buttons. Two of them would make a nice bra for a small madonna!

Lisa Abdul-Quddus said...

I have no idea what they are but looks like you got a nice set of peices

Staceydotdot said...

Thanks for your comments:)
I love trinkets and bits and bobs like you have found!THe upcycled flowers are so sweet!

Im always hunting at sales and auctions for little things, like teeny sewing kits.

When I was at home in the UK, Antiques Roadshow was one of my favs ;)