Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Why do some parents...

take their kids to totally inappropriate places? We went to our local auction house today and bought a table to go under yesterday's shelves, in the hope that I leave the dining table clear. Fat chance! Annoyingly we paid more than we could have done last month, when two tables went unsold at £5...but I didn't know I wanted a table then.

To get back to the title - both last month and this month (and I suspect, every month) there has been a posh-looking young woman with a child of about 2. She's obviously not short of cash - last month she bought a garden seat at £150 and an art deco thing at over £200 - yet instead of getting a sitter she brings her poor child to the auction where he frets and yells and cries because he's bored stiff. It doesn't exactly enhance the experience for the rest of us, either.

You're probably all thinking I'm a miserable old child-hater, but I'm not (honest!) I just don't understand this modern thing of taking small kids everywhere. She can't possibly think the child will enjoy going to an auction ("Look at the nice antique, darling")

OK - rant over. And tomorrow I pick up my table woohoo!


ColdCell said...

Some people are just thoughtless and inconsiderate, aren't they.

I see the same kindof thing at the Banger/Stock Car track i go to. Kids of about the same age running about with little or no adult supervision in the very dangerous pit area (for a kid it is very dangerous at least).

Silly people.

Saysie said...

Oh I'm and so with you on that one! Having no kids myself I think makes me less tolerent, sorry to all parents out there!
How exciting to go to an auction though! I have always wanted to go to one. Any pics of the new table?

Heather Leavers said...

I would have died of embarrassment if any of my children had created such a disturbance. I would have taken them home - though actually I would never have taken them there in the first place. Can't wait to get my table tomorrow!

Vicky x said...

I have kids, I love kids, but I sometimes leave them home for my good, their good and the good of the world at large!

Sneddonia said...

Oh god, why? I remember my parents not taking me to an auction, back when I was too young to know what one was. They didn't take me for good reason. There are just some places where kids shouldn't be! A parent moving to control their brat could be interpreted as them making a bid. At these kind of things, you really need to concentrate. Kids stop you from doing that wherever you are.