Sunday, 18 May 2008

Time to get serious...

This morning's task was to get to grips with a business card.

We started with this --->

but I decided it didn't make me seem any different to the little old lady at the wool shp who will knit you a cardi if you ask nicely.

Back to the drawing board!

Eventually we progressed (via several versions) to
this, which I'm quite happy with.

It looks a lot sharper in real life!

Now all I've got to do is find people to give them to.

I also spent some time looking up niftyknits on google, yahoo etc.

I found the person who had already grabbed niftyknits as a blog, and also someone on myspace who has unfortunate titles to some of her pictures. Would now be a good time to point out that neither of them is me?

I've started advertising on oodle, but I'm not sure what sort of audience they get. My DiL is off to Scotland soon (with a bunch of my cards) so I'm expecting lots of Scots visitors to the site!

We'll see...

new listing shortly, Pussy in boots -

she's got a belly button piercing ;-)


Anonymous said...

I agree, the second card is much better! Good luck with the advertising.

Sneddonia said...

I prefer the simplicity of the first one, but I think it should have the "Hand-knitted collectables, jewellery and toys" bit that the second one has, instead of "You name it, I'll knit it", which is good but not specific enough :)