Monday, 12 May 2008

I'm going to be famous!

Great excitement here today, I met with a local journalist!

This was because a few weeks ago I got fed up with moaning about litter and decided to do something about it. We took a bin bag with us on our regular walk and picked up no less than 5 kilos before we gave up.

There were: 19 plastic bottles, 3 glass bottles, 1 drinking glass, 22 cans, a hubcap, a clipboard, a 5L container of antifreeze and...these we had to leave behind...a microwave, 2 tyres and a rubber carmat.

Today, we took the reporter to photograph the microwave and I collected the car mat and some more rubbish. Amusingly the 2 tyres had bred, and there are now 3.

But - the real excitement is that I mentioned my etsy store, and he said he'd come back and do a story on me maybe next week! I will be knitting my nifty little heart out till then!

1 comment:

Matt Chatterley | MattchedIT said...

How about making a suitably themed meerkat?

"Klean Kat says NO to Litter!"

Or similar? :)