Monday, 26 May 2008


There I was, minding my own business on the forums..when I just had to buy some earrings (you know the feeling!)

So - I bought these:
from Polyclarific (lots of bargains there, have a look)

which immediately started me thinking "I could knit those!"

So I did ...

took ages, each square is knitted double size, folded corner to corner, sewn together, then all the squares sewn together.

Must be an easier way (yes - wait for the ones you bought to arrive from Australia!)

So I knitted circles - again, doubled, sewn together. Didn't like them sewn in a pile

so I've "rainbowed" them...

and they've evolved to this...-------------->

Hopefully I can remember I'm supposed to be knitting for my shop this time, but I do like bright colours!

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Jewelry Rockstar said...

I like those crochet pendants! I've gotta check out ur etsy shop.