Saturday, 31 May 2008

Birthday in Brighton :-)

My two sons both live in lovely Brighton so we drove down on Thursday to have a birthday lunch on Friday. We stayed once more at Hudsons who do a great full English brekkie!
Then off to wander North Laine and a trip to the bead shop before lunch with OH, my boys and DiL.
We saw some great street art - though I suppose some would call it graffiti.

We went on the Galloping Horses after lunch, that was always my favourite ride when I was a child. Very tame for this generation, of course, so the boys kept doing bareback riding tricks - not to the amusement of the bored fairground guy.

We had another mission - to find a copy of the current Komedia(local venue) programme - my middle son's band A Scandal in Bohemia is on the front cover!

*proud mum glow*


Siansburys said...

Oooh love that graffiti! Err I mean art. :D
Well done to the band on the fp :D

Heather Leavers said...

it's great, isn't it?

hy said...

so great!
i love the carousel photo!
mary jane

Sneddonia said...

Fantastic graffiti! And well done to the band :D